Sponsorship Program - Meresia O.M. – ref. 19980317-20131011052451 Project completed

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Meresia is the last of seven children. Meresia's father passed away before she was born. Her mother is a small-scale farmer and although all the kids help their mother there is never enough food during the dry season. Meresia likes going to school because it gives her the possibility of a better life. The subjects in school that Meresia likes best are Math and English. Her dream is to become a lawyer or a journalist. In her free time she likes to play football and to read novels. She is grateful to Rafiki and her sponsor for what they have done for her and she hopes to have the chance of finishing school.

30€ per month cost covered


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Dear Karin, Thank you for sponsoring a child through education. On behalf of Meresia, we thank you for your generous support. We will be sending updates updates of Meresia to you at least three times a year. Thank you again. May you be blessed for your generosity and compassion. Yours sincerely, Michele Ostertag Director Rafiki wa Maendeleo Trust